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Unbiased Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews

Tempurpedic mattresses offer a variety of innovative features which makes them the best on the market. It offers a unique hybrid support which ensures that it will adapt to your body’s temperature. It’s made out of a thick cushion which makes it very comfortable. The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme and the TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme are great options. They have been designed to provide the best experience while you’re sleeping. Their unique formulation ensures that they would automatically adjust to your weight. These Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews will help you find the most suitable mattress that caters to your needs.tempurpedic mattress review

TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme Reviews

#1. Comfortable Layers

It’s crucial for a mattress to be able to provide the optimum level of comfort for the user. The main reason why you’re buying the mattress in the first place is to feel completely relaxed when you’re laying on it. This product automatically absorbs and relieves pressure which ensures that it will be able to handle your body weight accordingly. It also adjusts to your body temperature so that you could feel comfort at its finest.

#2. Breathability

The base layers of this mattress make use of a dual air flow system. The material is very breathable. The mattress would be able to adjust to various temperatures automatically. It will ensure that you’ll be able to experience the best night’s sleep when you’re using it.

#3. Resistance to Allergens

Allergens and dust mites could easily build up in your mattresses. Tempurpedic mattresses have undergone a rigorous testing process which significantly decreases their chance of accumulating these harmful allergens. Not only will you be getting a high-quality mattress with your purchase, but you’ll also be able to ensure that your health will not be damaged.

#4. Trial and Warranty

If you want to enjoy a more pleasant sleeping experience, the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme is a fantastic choice for you. The company offers a 90 night home trial for all their customers. They also offer an impressive 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for most of their products. Since the Tempurpedic mattresses consist of top of the line materials, the mattress would still feel brand new after significant years of usage.

#5. Easy Care

The cover of the TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme mattress is machine washable. It consists of high-quality micro suede sides, and it has a stretchable top which is soft to the touch. You wouldn’t have to worry about dry cleaning the cover because you can just put it in the washing machine. It’s completely hassled free to ensure that your mattress would always be kept clean.

#6. FEATURES of TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme Mattress


The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme has the highest rating in the United States because of its durable construction. This product consists of extra soft materials which are embedded deep within the mattress. It ensures optimal comfort for the user. It will be able to cradle your body in the best way possible. One of its best features is having an extra thick layer of Tempur material that makes it feel like a pillow.


If you’ve been looking for the perfect amount of firmness in a mattress, look no further than the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme. It is the ultimate choice for people who want to achieve maximum support while they lay on their beds. It has unmatched responsiveness which makes it conform to the user’s body much quicker.


The biggest and most important feature you should look for in a mattress is the level of support it can provide. With this Tempurpedic mattress, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep while having full back support. The Tempurpedic brand has been widely recognized as a leader in the industry because of their innovative designs. Its most coveted feature is providing ultimate body contouring support for the user.


Purchasing a mattress is an investment so you should always make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. With the Tempurpedic mattress, you can rest assured that your mattress would last the test of time. The makers of this product have carefully planned out all its materials to ensure optimal durability.

E)Company Ratings:

When it comes to high-quality mattresses, the Tempurpedic brand is one of the most widely recognized in the United States. Since the company’s inception in 1992, it has continued to impress its customers from around the world. They have received consistently positive feedback for their one of a kind innovations. The company has been a pioneer in the industry because of their excellent products and dedication to fulfill the needs of their customers.

#7. Advantages

  • Made out of the most comfortable and plush materials to achieve the best night’s sleep
  • Automatically minimizes pressure points upon contact which provides relief for discomfort
  • Provides overall quality sleep by reducing motion transfer which ensures fewer sleep interruptions
  • Provides an extra thick layer of Tempur material which is exclusive to the Tempurpedic brand
  • Easily conforms to the user’s body shape which makes it ideal for all types of people
  • Has an easy to use cover which is completely machine washable
  • Made up of breathable base layers
  • Resistant to dust mites and other types of common allergens

#8. Disadvantages

  • It isn’t the cheapest mattress available on the market

FAQS about TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme Mattress

Question: What is the size of this mattress?
Answer: The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme is only available in a Queen size. Its dimensions are 60″ x 80″. It’s extremely comfortable and consists of durable materials. It offers the best combination of support, firmness, and softness.

Question: How much does this mattress cost?
Answer: This mattress currently retails at an affordable price on Amazon. It’s a worthy investment because of its quality. It is unique to other types of mattresses because of its additional extra thick layer which makes it incredibly soft and plush.

Question: How long does a Tempurpedic mattress last?

Answer: The Tempurpedic mattress has a worry free 20-years warranty and it last over 20 years without creating any major problems.

Can you use a platform bed/boxspring with a Tempurpedic mattress?

No, Tempurpedic mattress need a solid frame or base. You can’t use it with a Box-spring. Box-spring is mainly used to provide support to a traditional mattress.

TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme Video Review


These Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews have discussed the advantages this product offers. It provides a variety of amazing benefits for the user. It is incomparable to other brands because of its unique and innovative features. Its design, durability, ease of use and level of comfort are only some of the reasons why it’s an excellent choice for anyone.

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TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme Reviews

Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews are entirely focused on determining the key factors which make these mattresses stand out from the rest. The TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme is one of a kind because of its unique features. It is one of the best choices you can purchase because of the level of comfort it provides. It’s available in a Twin XL, Queen, and King size, so you’ll be able to pick which one is most suitable for you. It was specifically designed to have adaptive support abilities to ensure that you’ll be able to have the best night’s sleep daily.

#1. Adaptive Support

When you’re selecting a mattress, it’s important to look into how much support it can provide. Since different types of people will be using it, it should be able to handle the weight and temperature of each one. Nothing is worse than purchasing a mattress that doesn’t provide enough support.

#2. Improved Sleeping Experience

Customers who have been able to try this mattress have stated that they enjoyed how well they’ve slept because of this product. Tempurpedic has ensured that this product will be able to help people sleep better. It is the perfect choice for individuals who have back problems or those who have trouble sleeping. It will be able to adjust to your body once you lay on it automatically.

#3. Cooling System

The TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme Mattress has a built-in multi-layer cooling system which makes it very impressive. If you’ve ever experienced laying down on a mattress for a significant amount of time and feeling too hot, this product could solve that issue. Since its top cover is made up of Tempur Cool Max and Breeze Cooling, they ensure you to have a pleasant sleeping experience. These innovative features are unique to this mattress, and they are one of its most significant advantages.

#4. Moisture Wicking Fabric

Not all mattresses are equal. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money, this is the ultimate choice for you. The materials used to create this product have impressive moisture wicking properties. It can dissipate heat while you’re sleeping automatically. As a result, you will never get sweaty or too hot when using this incredible product.

#5. Comfortable Layer

If you’ve ever tried sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, you’ll understand the negative consequences it can provide when you wake up. Mattresses are used on a daily basis which means that it’s a worthy investment. Purchasing a poor quality mattress will cost you health problems such as back pains. To ensure that you wouldn’t undergo this problem, make sure to select a mattress formed of the softest and most plush materials. You can never go wrong with purchasing the TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme mattress because it’s very durable.

#6. FEATURES of TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme Mattress

A)Heat Retention:

This product has the most amazing features compared to other mattresses within the same price range. Tempurpedic has created a unique and innovative formulation which ensures that the user will never get sweaty while using the mattress. The Tempur Cool Max and Breeze Cooling features are exclusive to the brand. They help dissipate heat so that your body temperature wouldn’t make the mattress too hot. Not having to wake up with sweaty clothes is always a good thing.

B)Sinkage Tests:

In terms of firmness, this product is very impressive. It provides the right amount of firmness to ensure that the user will be able to receive optimal support. The materials used to create this product have been meticulously chosen by the manufacturer. This ensures that you wouldn’t have to worry about sinking problems which often occur of poor quality mattresses.

C)Motion Isolation:

Nothing is worse than wanting to have a good night’s sleep and being suddenly woken up by the person sleeping beside you. The TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme mattress has significant motion isolation components. This means that if the person beside you starts moving in the middle of the night, you wouldn’t be able to feel it. You will only feel a slight movement but it’s not very disturbing. This is a unique feature of this product because most mattresses have terrible motion isolation.


When it comes to purchasing mattresses, it’s always best to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product. Since mattresses are an investment, they should be able to last for an extended period of time without experiencing any serious setbacks. The TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme mattress is very durable because it consists of high-quality materials. Not only is this product very comfortable to sleep in, it’s also extremely durable which makes it worth the price.


A good quality mattress will be able to provide you the support you need. The primary purpose of having a mattress is being able to sleep and rest comfortably. This product is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a new mattress for your home. The materials used to create this product have been thoroughly tested by its makers to ensure that it would be able to provide optimal support.

#7. Advantages

  • Offers adaptive support to make sure that the user would have the best night’s sleep
  • Impressive cooling properties with the help of Tempur Cool Max and Breeze Cooling
  • Provides overall quality sleep especially for hot sleepers
  • Has a moisture wicking fabric which ensures that it would always have the perfect temperature
  • Conforms to the body shape of the user which makes it a very comfortable mattress
  • Helps to distribute body weight evenly

#8. Disadvantages

  • Some customers find the price of this mattress to be too expensive
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FAQS about TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme Mattress

Question: Where is the mattress made from and what are its dimensions?
Answer: Proudly created in the USA. It weighs 145 pounds and has the dimensions of 80x76x13 inches.

Question: Does it include the base when purchased?
Answer: No, it only comes with the mattress. It will arrive at your address vacuum sealed and brand new.

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The TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme mattress is one of the best choices you can make if you’re looking for comfort and durability. These Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews have discussed what makes these products more preferable compared to other brands within its price range. It’s a fantastic product that caters to all types of sleepers. This product will be able to provide you all the features of a high-quality mattress.

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