What is The Twin Size Mattress Bed Dimensions

Buying a mattress, just like clothes requires one to be conscious about the ideal size. In most cases, many people go for the wrong size when they have a new bed. But, you can avoid this by having a great information about mattress sizes. Basically, we have different mattress categorized in various sizes such as King, California king, Queen, XL full, full, XL twin, twin, and crib sizes. Each of the mattress sizes is designed to meet specific demands, and getting ideal one is the key. Now, we are going to dwell much on what is the twin size mattress dimensions in this article.

What are The Varieties Sizes of Twin Size Mattresses?

  • Standard twin mattress measures 39 x 74 inches
  • XL twin mattress measures 39 x 80 inches

Types of Twin Size Beds

#1. Standard size mattress

A standard sized twin mattress is the smallest in adult mattresses category (39 x 74 inches). It is only larger than crib which makes ideal for a single person. Due to their small size, they are perfect for individuals who aren’t active sleepers. Also, they are ideal when you want to save space hence excellent for dorms, apartments and other space constrained areas. Standard twin mattresses are cheapest and short for some adults.

#2. XL twin mattress

When it comes to XL twin mattresses, they have the same width like standards. However, they 5 inches longer to measure 38 x 80 inches. Just like standard size, the XL are space savers and ideal for non-active sleepers. Ideally, they are suitable for taller people due to the additional length. The mattresses are not for sharing and thus perfect for dorms and residential apartments. They serve well for adults and growing teens.

Difference Between a Single Bed and a Twin Bed

Single and twin beds are the same thing in terms of measurements. Each of them measures 39 x 75 inches. However, for a single bed, it is used alone in a room and intended for use by a single person. For twin bed, they are used in pairs in a room hence the name twin beds. Mostly they are found in hotels, guest rooms or for couples who don’t want bed sharing.

Type of Twin Mattresses to Consider When Buying

#1. Twin Size Memory foam mattresses

When purchasing a twin size mattress, looking for a memory foam delivers comfort and support. Unlike regular foam mattresses, memory foam is durable and reliable. Just like the name itself, the foam made mattress is durable as it doesn’t flatten quickly. This ensures that when sleeping on it, you can enjoy your snooze. Possessing many health benefits, these mattresses provide reduced strains, proper blood circulation, and general body health. The combination of construction materials ensures that memory foam mattresses are high-density and excellent selection.

Our Recommended Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress


#2. Twin Size Innerspring mattresses 

Innerspring mattresses feature steel spring systems which are responsible for support. We have different spring designs depending on the manufacturer. But the primary achievement is to get a comfortable and stable mattress. For a pleasant experience when sleeping, innerspring mattresses have either foam, fiber or smaller springs padding. When looking for twin size innerspring mattress, one with close springs configuration proves to be the best. This is because, it will bring proper body contour, hence maximum comfort. Bearing in mind that twin mattress is for a single sleeper, innerspring can provide extended durability.

Our Recommended Twin Size Innerspring Mattress


#3. Twin Size Adjustable mattress bed

For a long time, adjustable beds were only for hospitals. However, these days it’s possible to buy one for your home. Especially for long sleepers, finding an ideal folding bed and fitting mattress is a piece of cake. Current beds come boasting other features which render them ultimate to buy. As a result, getting a mattress for adjusting twin bed is a great achievement for an absolute snooze. Additionally, with tilting ability, these beds give your different body parts complete relaxation.

Our Recommended Twin Size Adjustable Bed and Mattress


#4. Twin Size Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are commonly used in providing more comfort to your sleep by softening and improving a mattress that is too hard or too firm while still supporting your body. Follow the list of top-rated twin size mattress topper for you.

Our Recommended Twin Size Mattress Topper


Why You Need Twin Size Mattress? 

Just like any other mattress size, twin size mattresses are vital and necessary. Due to their small size, they are cheapest hence affordable to everyone. Additionally, though they are compact, they provide ample sleeping space. If for instance, you take the king size mattress, it can’t offer big space for two people like twin can provide to a single sleeper. On the other hand, size is a great achievement. Having a full size or large mattress in a limited area will eat up your space. That is why having a twin size, will substantially boost storage and space saving. Therefore, when sleeping alone or for teens, these twin mattresses are a great deal to think of.

Where to Buy Twin Size Mattresses?

Now, deciding where to purchase a mattress is vital in ensuring quality products. Not every store will deliver a quality mattress to bring comfort and durability to your home. But, you can now relax and get quality twin mattresses from the online store Amazon. With a great reputation for providing genuine and high-quality products no doubts when ordering mattresses from them. Amazingly, the store gets these mattresses from manufacturers, hence no chance of getting counterfeits. Now what is left is you to order your twin mattress, and they do deliver to your doorstep. Amazon has made shopping online easy and convenient hence ideal for everyone.


Well, what is the twin size mattress dimensions? Answering this question now is a piece of cake. With the information above, no more guesswork when buying twin mattress. You’ll be able to get yourself a perfect treat without any hassle. As we have seen, there is little difference between a twin and XL twin size. Also, for people who wonder about the difference between twin and single bed, now you have a peace of mind.