What Is An Orthopedic Mattress? Everything You Should Know

An Orthopedic mattress is a type of mattress designed and structured to support the joints, back, and the overall muscular skeletal body. The Orthopedic mattress is a popular preference among people who are suffering from unceasing back pain and other muscular or skeletal conditions. Still, there are a quite number of people without any such troubling conditions who find the Orthopedic mattress as a comfortable and relaxing sleeping partner.

There are instances wherein these mattresses are occasionally referred to as orthopedic beds. In order to clear up coinage or term confusion, an orthopedic bed is simply a bed comprised of a memory foam mattress and a bed frame which can be physically and mechanically adjusted on several position points.

Different Types Of Orthopedic Mattresses

There are numerous types of orthopedic mattress fillings and constructions. Below is a detailed and comprehensive view of the different types of orthopedic mattress and their respective unique features and benefits.

a) Continuous Open Spring-coiled mattress

A majority of mattress structures utilized open coil springs until recently. These types of orthopedic mattress are still considered the cheapest and widely used mattresses on the market. Though there are some types which essentially use costly materials, they are still considered expensive.

These types of orthopedic mattress normally have springs which are about 6 coils high. A regular couple bed requires more than 300 coil springs for its construction. Helical wires basically connect the tops and bottoms of all spring coils to produce a single unit structure that is fixed and attached to an individual bed frame. Its internal space is then covered and filled with ticking.

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b) Memory Foam

This is an extraordinary material that can contour itself to the body o the person resting on it. Once the person leaves the mattress, the mattress goes back to its original flat surface shape. These types of orthopedic mattress have numerous benefits and destroy the inherently conceived myth that orthopedic beds need to be firm and sturdy. Memory foam beds are considered to offer balanced support for a person’s body. It helps the body to avoid localized pressure points which can cause temporary discomfort and restless sleep. These mattresses help a person maintain the natural double S shape of his spine.

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c) Latex Foam

This type of mattress uses natural latex extracted from rubber trees and provides very similar features like the memory foam. The two distinct differences are the bouncy and the spongy feel of the mattress foam and its reaction to pressure and heat.

Latex foam’s contouring and molding elements are determined not only by the person’s body weight but also by his body heat.

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d) Waterbeds

These are fairly unpopular and uncommon types of orthopedic mattresses, but such types provide contouring qualities, and the constant rippling movement and effect for which they are essentially associated with can be removed by using gel instead of water filling.

e) Air beds

There is a more specialized type of air beds equipped with orthopedic qualities and mechanisms. The specialized versions of air beds are designed with a multi-pocketed mattress system that provides the remote inflation of several areas of the mattress to provide varying levels of support and comfort. The more expensive versions of these mattresses can be found in specialists’ clinics and hospitals.

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Benefits And Comfort of Orthopedic Mattress

There are people who will try to purchase an Orthopedic mattress just to acquire a high-quality bed that can provide them true comfort and a sound sleep compared to a standard coil spring bed. There are also people who are too conscious and are skeptic about the true comfort an orthopedic mattress can provide them as they are bothered by the possibility that, in the long run, the support that was originally present in these types of mattresses will vanish over time. However, all kinds of beds are like these. If your mattress is not as supportive a cushion as it was originally, or if the bed has already has lost its attractive shape, then it is about time that you replace it immediately.

Moreover, some folks obviously purchase an orthopedic mattress because their physical condition requires the aid and support of memory foam material. Orthopedic beds are essentially created from these materials. Memory foam or Visco elastic foam helps a person relieve tension and stress on the painful parts of his body. It allows the blood to circulate through the minimal occurrence of pressure points freely. It can also reduce constant toss and turn and will help you gain a sound and peaceful sleep all through the night.

Support for Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopedic mattress essentially provides support and comfort to the body through its exceptional ability to act in response to pressure and heat. The natural sensitivity to pressure and heat allows it to contour itself into the person’s body shape, thus offering superior and excellent support and comfort. Considered also as a unique feature of memory foam is that after its use, the mattress will recover its natural shape, thus the term “memory”.

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